Our menu embraces traditional dishes ranging from appetizers (charcuterie and cheese platter, mixed crostini, “della Massaia” crostini, bruschetta), to first courses (pappardelle, pici, spaghetti gnocchi, risotto, tagliolini …), to second courses with side dish (for example, tripe alla Volterrana different from the other recipes and then served with butter and cheese, stewed wild boar, sliced, fried).
Up to the homemade desserts of our grandmothers (apple pie, pinolata, in addition to tenerina, caprese cake and tiramisu also with pistachio). Each dish comes from the expert hands of the cook Patrizia and her sister Renata.
While the pizzas are prepared with skill and knowledge by our pizza maker Gian Carlo, who boasts years of experience.
But that is not all!! To discover the other dishes come and visit us!!





Meat menu

The meat menu is dominated by wild boar stewed with olives, tripe alla Volterrana, rosemary beef steak with rocket or porcini mushrooms. From grilled Fiorentina steak and fried seafood.
The great icons of our cuisine are the sweet and strong wild boar, a combination of spices, aromas, 70% dark chocolate, raisins, aged vinegar and red wine. From all this comes an irresistible sauce that takes you back in time to the Renaissance, the historical period of this ancient recipe.

Vegan and vegetarian menu

Even our vegan and vegetarian menu respects the local tradition, with platter of fresh grilled vegetables made at the moment, bruschetta with porcini mushrooms, with tomato sauce, vegetarian croutons accompanied by vegetable flans and omelettes.
The gnocchetti with saffron cream prepared by the cook Patrizia are delicious, accompanied by flakes of truffle, if the season allows it.